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A while ago I posted about Alkemia, an indie perfume oil company. I ordered some samples, here's reviews for a few.

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I swapped out my cold-weather perfumes for my warm-weather fragrances and snapped a picture, because I like how they look on my dresser. I didn't include the glass bowl of tiny bottles and sample sizes and so on - these are just the full size bottles.

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I think I'm going to ask for an order of perfume samples from Surrender to Chance for my birthday in a couple months, and I'm looking for some inspiration.

Rec me your favorite (non-BPAL) perfume. Or maybe tell me about a perfume you think is important that everyone ought to try. Or something that you've always wanted to try but never gotten the chance.

Thanks in advance, everyone!


Apr. 4th, 2017 09:46 am
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I looked back a bit in this group, but didn't see any mention of Alkemia. Has anybody tried anything of theirs? They're an indie perfume oil company with a large catalog (though not as large as BPAL). I'm considering a sample order, would welcome any thoughts! Right now, these have caught my eye:

  • Blackberry Noir: A deliciously dark trinity - black berries, black tea, black musk

  • Desiderata: The simple beauty of an evening stroll on a warm June evening. Fresh honeysuckle blooming under a rising full moon, ivy vines, dew dampened grass, riverbed clay, old barnwood, and earthy vetivert root.

  • Dalliance: Fresh English cucumbers, barely ripened figs, and cool ice tea. Languidly sensuous.
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Reviews of BPAL, Tocca, Ralph Lauren, Sex in the City, Estee Lauder, Chanel

It's been awhile since anyone posted in this comm, and I miss talking perfume with y'all. If you're not interested in any of the perfumes I've reviewed this time in my journal, talk to me here about perfume. What are you testing, wearing, coveting? :)
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Here, have some reviews, of the brief persuasion.

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When I was heavily into perfume smelling a year or two back, a friend who's a very dedicated enthusiast gave me many samples and even one or two partial bottles, and then I turned out to be an extremely picky person who only likes one or two perfumes by Mindy Aftel and doesn't actually wear anything else. Now I'm moving and I need to clear stuff out. Would you like a box of random perfumes in return for S/H? My only ask is that you take all of it, I'm not trying to split the lot up. (If you want to split the lot with someone else after I mail it to you, that's awesome, may maximum numbers of people be happy!)

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BPAL Lupers

Mar. 3rd, 2016 11:21 am
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So apparently the Lupercalia order for the decant circle ([community profile] synecdochic_decants) I'm in has finally shipped! I've been stewing over these for a while now, getting antsy! I posted on my journal about what I was looking forward to, thought I'd share here too. FWIW, I'm pretty new to BPAL, and to perfume in general. I ordered:these. )

Anyone have Lupers already, or an order on the way? What are you liking or not liking? What are you looking forward to?

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