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pengwern ([personal profile] pengwern) wrote in [community profile] smellsgood2019-02-27 02:54 pm

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Has anyone ever encountered a dupe for L'Artisan Parfumeur's Traversee du Bosphore? I can't identify the topnote (which might be apple, with a sliver of almond?) but I worry slightly about finding a dupe years later at Bath and Bodyworks.
I ask only because one time I opened up a vial of Onda in full anticipatory awe and smelled instead a LUSH face mask (Brazened Honey, to be exact. It might not seem like it on application, but if you leave the little jar in your fridge for months and months like a barbarian who doesn't do face masks and it turns out to have expired long since so you proceed to slather your extremities with the goop and end up leaving scent trails of vetiver-ginger around the house, comma, you'd know that smell too.)

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