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BPAL Lupercalia decants

A couple of you were interested in my experience with ordering decants from Ajevie. I received my order of two BPAL Lupers a couple of days ago. Here's what I got:

Two BPAL decants

I'm pretty happy with them. The labels do contain notes, if not artwork, and both vials were full, but not so full that the oil splorts out when you put the stopper back in. I'm not ready to give thoughts on the scents yet. I've only tried them once and am still pondering. No instant love, though. I was hoping for an instant love from Body, Remember. Ah well.
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Ah, thank you so much! This is very helpful.

Body, Remember does have a delicious notes list. I'm sorry neither of these was an instant love.
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Thanks for sharing.
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That is good to know, thank you for the picture!