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For my next adventure in perfume, I want to move beyond BPAL and test some more traditional, alcohol-based perfumes. The Perfumed Court seems like a cool place to get sample sizes of those sorts of perfumes. So, I guess I have two questions for y'all.

1. Have any of you purchased perfumes from this site, and what was your experience?
2. This site seems pretty extensive, specializing in a lot of classic perfumes. What should I sample? What's the top ten list of classic perfumes that I should smell?
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Hello from a beginner at smelling good!

I posted a review of BPAL's Vice in my journal. I had a question at the end:
This does smell good, but I am bothered by the clash with the name. I smell like a slightly spicy flower, which is not really what I'd call Vice, as such. What would Vice smell like? Liqueur and tobacco and sweat maybe?

This makes me very tempted to try The Ankythera Mechanism tomorrow, for the tobacco note. Does anyone have any recommendations for a BPAL scent that really does smell of vice?
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So my most favorite perfume blend is Spooky, a BPAL limited edition that releases very intermittently. To the point that I buy several bottles when it's available and hoard them so they'll last me until the next release.

But alas! I have maaaaybe one-third left of my last bottle and Spooky was not released last Yule so I've come to grips with the fact that I may have to find a new signature scent. I know I should just switch to one of my other BPALs that I rotate through when I want something different, but Spooky is my signature and the blend that gets me the most compliments when I wear it.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Spooky's main notes are coconut, chocolate, mint, vanilla & rum. My skin amplifies the coconut, chocolate & mint notes the most. I don't like the rum note as much so I artificially aged my BPAL bottles to weaken that note. (By which I mean, I cracked open the bottles and let them mix with the room air for a couple hours.)

I'm not looking for an exact replacement because that's unreasonable. I just want something similar. Scent observations from other people when I wear it: cocoa butter, pina coladas, summer, the beach, and coconut.

Any ideas? I'm open to companies other than BPAL.

[FYI: I can't wear anything with cinnamon (causes welts), almonds (nausea), or night-blooming flowers (migraine).]
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Reviews: Serpent from Patch NYC, Arsenic from TokyoMilk, Croquet and The Forest Reverie from BPAL )
Finally, I would be very happy for some recommendations! I've tried very little perfume outside of BPAL but I'm open to just about anything. I tend not to like strong florals (except for jasmine), strong leather and tobacco notes, and I think there's something around clove or cumin that I have a problem with. I'm especially interested in herbaceous and woody notes, perhaps something similar to the wet green note in Arsenic.
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Hi, I'm Cocoa, and I have a lot of BPAL. No, really, a lot of BPAL. 142 different scents, although I think there's one or two I listed and then traded away before trying, and haven't figured out how to fully remove yet. I have apparently rated 24 of them, but I don't think any of those have notes, because I'm terrifically disorganized.

So! What would you like to see reviews of? I am not as cool as D about picking out notes, but I will try. The only ones off-limits are Neo-Tokyo, Dublin, and Sunbird, because I dearly love them and they're all impossible to get more of.
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Several people in my DW circle are really into perfume, and I've been reading and enjoying their posts for a while now. One of them mentioned this community had started, and I figured this was a good place to ask some questions.

I have been to the BPAL website, and I have to admit that I find the descriptions of the perfumes kinda intimidating and confusing. I'm not sure where to start.

I also have the added issue that my husband reacts poorly to some scents. He can't abide anything heavily floral which has limited my perfume choices over the years.

I was wondering if I could get some BPAL recommendations from those of you who are more familiar with the perfumes there based on my scent likes/dislikes that I've listed below the cut. :)

Read more )

I would appreciate any recommendations y'all can give me.


Mar. 27th, 2014 03:05 pm
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Hello all. I feel the need to kick this off by getting you all to enable me some ;)

I turn out to really like scents containing apricot. Really a lot. I currently have BPAL's Grand Guignol (nice when I want booze-preserved apricots), Katharina (white musk + apricot, which goes incredibly spiky on me), and their discontinued March Hare (apricots+clove), which I adore in the apricot-heavy versions and am less keen on in clove-heavy incarnations.

I also have Etat Libre d'Orange Noel au balcon, which I am similarly very fond of - especially in the first five minutes, where it is gorgeous apricot.

In general I tend to dislike florals (and absolutely can't do anything with lily or hyacinth or heliotrope in) and be very fond of leathers, vetivers, woods, etc. (... in which my mouth starts watering at the idea of a leather-and-apricot scent, whoops!) Recs gratefully received. :-)

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