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I will admit to having next to no knowledge about perfume. As the hoary saying is, I know what I like.

However, I had this bottle of EDT or something which I didn't recognize and can't find a label on (must get out the magnifying glass) and I sprayed it on as a test last night.

Boy, was that first sniff overwhelming! I can't separate the smells, it was just PERFUME! And about half-an-hour later, it calmed down. And then it calmed down again. And it ended up like most of my perfume prefers... woody and chypre --and it still smells that way. Now. What is that -- almost twelve hours?

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So one of my favorite smells ever is Green Tea by The Thymes, which is not really a perfume house: they do body products like lotions and bath gel as well as home fragrance products. But they have colognes of many of their body scents.

As is so often the case with a small manufacturer, things get discontinued, and so it was with their Green Tea. But for once, my dreams came true: they have re-issued it!

I've been trying to figure out what its notes are so that perhaps I can find something else similar in case they yank it again (and yes, I bought some more products the minute it was re-issued ... still ... ). Their site is not much help. It says "Brisk green tea. Deep Moroccan rose. Sweet spiced honey. Mysterious soft woods."

I can certainly smell the rose. But I have no idea what the spices are, or the woods. Some other scents I have liked (Calyx Prescriptives, Acqua di Gio) have cedar and sandalwood, and they also have amber: is that considered a wood note? And is honey considered a middle note, or what? It doesn't seem to have any fruit at all, and that's odd, because I like fruit scents.

I have tried other "green tea" scents (Bvlgari The Vert, fo example), and I don't like them as much. They seem somehow "rounder" and "paler" - I don't really have synesthesia, but somehow the scent elements that I mean strike me as pale and smooth and rounded, like spheres of ivory. Vanilla? I don't know!

Anyway, so I'm just hoping for some ideas about what notes The Thymes might mean in their description, from people who are more experienced with this vocabulary than I am.

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