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First off, a couple of shorts which I neglected to write up as I was trying them, so this is a sort of after-the-fact synopsis: I tried Autumn III and IV, October, and Samhain: both of the Autumns smelled "like fall" on me--- spice and woods and the warm bite of the season--- while October was the bitter version and Samhain the sweet.

Now, onto the in situ reviews:

The backlog, oh, the backlog--- and I still have a few more to test! )


Jan. 17th, 2015 04:20 pm
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So, inspired by [personal profile] lunabee34 's idea of weekly postings, here are the ones I've tried lately--- all BPAL, one Yule and assorted imps.

Reviews below the cut! )
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Inspired by a few discussions we've had in comments here and there to open posts, and because [personal profile] rydra_wong said this morning "Also, there should totally be the perfume equivalent of fanmixes -- find the appropriate scent for all the main characters in a show ..."

So, if you've got a scent association with a particular character, or are trying to find a scent that sums up a character, let's make lists!

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