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First off, a couple of shorts which I neglected to write up as I was trying them, so this is a sort of after-the-fact synopsis: I tried Autumn III and IV, October, and Samhain: both of the Autumns smelled "like fall" on me--- spice and woods and the warm bite of the season--- while October was the bitter version and Samhain the sweet.

Now, onto the in situ reviews:

The backlog, oh, the backlog--- and I still have a few more to test! )


Jan. 17th, 2015 04:20 pm
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So, inspired by [personal profile] lunabee34 's idea of weekly postings, here are the ones I've tried lately--- all BPAL, one Yule and assorted imps.

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Over in the welcome post, [personal profile] synecdochic  and I had a bit of a discussion about scent and imagination/synaesthesia, as a result of which I promised to post the following questions for the comm to play with!

- Do any of you have synaesthetic effects around your perfumes and other scented things? (For those who aren't feeling like clicking links, synaesthesia is when you have two or more senses that overlap or interact--- some of the most common ones are associating colors with letters or numbers, although just about any combination is possible--- the link is to a book called The Man Who Tasted Shapes, in which an MD was inspired to research synaesthesia as a result of a friend who could tell that chicken was undercooked because "it didn't have enough points on it". In this case, we'd be talking about sounds, colors, textures, etc., that your perfumes and other scents call up for you--- or other scent-related overlaps: did you buy a perfume because it smells like your favorite song, for example, or your favorite color?)

- Relatedly, do any of you associate particular scents with fictional characters (ones you follow in others' work, ones you work on yourself, ones who are both, etc.?)

I'll post my answers down below as an example, if anyone's curious.

(Suggested tags: meta; maybe something related to "things we relate to scents" or "ways we experience scents")

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