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what are your new fall frags?

It's not quite cool here yet in the high desert, but I'm eagerly anticipating the crisp weather, which means I swap my spring/summer perfumes for fall/winter.

I got four new fragrances for fall: Serge Lutens Arabie and Jeux de Peau, a 11ml of Maison Francis Kurkdijan Grand Soir [that stuff is spendy!] and I swapped a Dior Eau Fraiche for a bottle of Chanel Coromandel [because I adore it but I don't like putting money in the house of Chanel's pocket]. I love them all.

Have you acquired any new fragrances for fall? And do you swap summer for fall perfumes or do you wear the same kinds year round?
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I put my summer fragrances back in storage a couple of weeks ago and took out some fall perfumes.

Atelier Cologne Oolang Infini and Guerlain Chant d'Arômes had to make way for Guerlain Vol de Nuit and L'Heure Bleue, and I replaced my finished bottle of Mitsouko edt with Mitsouko edp.

Madame Rochas edp used to be my signature scent until they stopped producing it, and the edt they make nowadays is just a vague memory of the old scent, alas. I still have an old mini bottle of edp, but when that is finished, it's goodbye forever.
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Oh how I love Coromandel. I used all mine up last year; I need to get more. It's such a deep and lovely fragrance.
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For my fall birthday, I got myself some samples of natural/botanical scents from For Strange Women (I don't slather, so samples last me a long while):

Palo Santo + Amyris: A little odd/funky -- no surprise as woods (on my skin) are unpredictable at best. Not a fave, but it's got personality, and I'll continue to enjoy this sample.

Tarantula: Very rich and complex, fruity and earthy, super fall-appropriate. I keep going back and forth about how I feel about it; seems to work better with my skin chemistry some days than others.

Rain: Refreshing and "clean" without smelling like fabric softener. I will want more of this!

It's still pretty warm where I live, so I'm still using a lot of summer scents, but soon I'll be digging out the smokey and pumpkin-y blends I crave when the weather cools.
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I won't actually get to pull out cooler weather scents for at least another month, but I'll pull out a couple of BPALs that were a gift that are a warmer type of scent and less mineral and rock type.
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Some work on me, some end up smelling like hospital soap.

The ones that are supposed to smell like metal or food tend to smell okay on me.