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Has anyone tried mixing partial bottles of bath and body products?

Out of curiosity, and/or to save shelf space--and with what results? I have:

(Disclaimer: I'm severely hyposmic and synaesthetic, so my perceptions may not reflect common experience.)

One part each of Axe Instinct (leather) bodywash, Axe Anarchy for Her II (orange blossom) bodywash, and Suave Vanilla Floral (actually cinnamon-dominant) shampoo added up to an intense sticky dark oriental in the approximate Tabu/Youth Dew range--so surprisingly good that I regret the discontinuation of all three of the above products.

One part each of White Rain Restoring Violet shampoo and Suave Essentials Lavender Lilac shampoo merged into a sweet, extravagant, and dreamy purple spring floral--surpassing either of its components, which individually I found quite faint and nondescript (and which, again, are now defunct.)
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I haven't, and I don't use a lot of scented B&B products, so I'm unlikely to... but this is still really interesting!