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 I spitzed some Fracas onto a strip at the mall recently, and decided to try the Serge Lutens Sarrasins* today, and noticed a briefly similar note which I'm guessing might be indoles. It doesn't go anywhere unpleasant on me -- actually, it reminds me of some sort of rice based dish (jasmine rice?)

Are there any perfumes known for a huge indolic note that I should try, the next time I snap when looking at perfume sampling websites?

*the hide I could detect in it was......fetal pig in formalin, which mercifully faded out after a few minutes. 
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There's a good explanation of indoles and what exactly is/isn't indolic here:

Lutens' A La Nuit is another Big Jasmine that gets recced as heavily indolic, ditto Diptyque's Olene (which goes purple synthetic grape juice on me, alas, as some jasmines do). Frederic Malle's Carnal Flower is a Big Tuberose.

ELDO's Charogne goes into the rotten edge, garnished with lilies.

If you really want to take the indoles to ELEVEN, then Ferme Tes Yeux, zombie sex indoles:

*the hide I could detect in it was......fetal pig in formalin, which mercifully faded out after a few minutes.

Indoles can sometimes produce a "mothballs" effect, so that might be part of it too.
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After reading the article I might be ever so slightly more confused -- the new question goes, what do mothballs smell like?? ;-;

With the customary disclaimer regarding my own sensory limitations, I've always registered them as camphor.

Luca Turin also names gardenia as indolic, and speculates that big white tropical flowers are courting dung and carrion-feeding pollinators with the animalic notes; I've unfortunately forgotten the gardenia-dominant perfume in which he detected a meaty note (which he further specified as ham or the Creole sausage andouille--and you see how that could overlap, if rather more pleasantly, with your own perception of lab-pickled piglet.)
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I was thinking you might also want to check out Lutens's Tubereuse Criminelle, which is tuberose with an edge of methyl salicylate (wintergreen), which stops it being headachy in the way tuberose often is for me.

Very worth smelling anyway (in my head, when I wear it I am secretly cosplaying as Helen Mirren), and it ties into the whole Tiger Balm thing. *g*
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I love Mandarine Mandarin -- orange peel but with a salty-savoury-black-tea-celery thing going on.

And I didn't particularly like Boxeuses when I first tried it, but tried the sample again the other day and it seems to have grown on me. One of the various Lutens scents that's a sort of spin-off of Femininite du Bois, but I do like FdB, and Boxeuses bumps up the plum and adds leather and (IIRC) something liquorice-y.


I tried A La nuit and finally experienced that indolic fecal tinge \o/ (I think)

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I was going to say Olene, too! It has that huge note of something that smells like water in which a bouquet of flower has been standing for far too long, or possibly really bad breath (I had to throw away the test strip). I must be immune to the nasty aspects of indole when it comes to purely jasmine scents, as I don't get it in Sarrasins, or even in Lush's Lust, both of them well-known "death by jasmine" scents, or even in pure jasmine absolute (which smells inky to me, which I suppose must be indoles).

I associate the stale flower water/bad breath effect with narcissus scents. I first really noticed it when Vol de Nuit was reformulated and Guerlain started putting narcissus absolute in the formula again. It's also quite strong in Abdes Salaam Attars Tawaf, a natural jasmine/narcissus perfume.

I'll have to go and resmell my Fracas now! I hadn't noticed the jasmine/indole aspect.