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Who's familiar with Herbal Essence's Color Me Happy Shampoo?

(Disclaimer: I'm severely hyposmic and synaesthetic, so my perceptions may not reflect common experience. Also, my downmarket taste and experience range are going to be on display here.)

In a previous post here, I mentioned a fruitless yearning for a big, extravagant, uncomplicated rose note that I'd encountered in an industrial hand soap--only to happen upon it in BPAL's Blood Rose. By another happy bit of serendipity, a similar unequivocal old-fashioned (1) rose scent that I'm still capable of perceiving turns out to be available for three bucks a bottle; I was wondering whether anyone might recognize it in other fragrances.

(1) I suspect that a heavy rose note is the sort of thing that's come to be stigmatized as old-ladyish; it's been decades since I've come across it in a mass-marketed grooming product. Perhaps, now that the grandmas who wore stuff like Joy have been dying off, it's acquired the patina of period charm?
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Bath and Body works has just debuted a handful of rosecentric scents. I wonder if one of those would work for you.

Mary Kay extra emollient night cream is also heavily rose scented.
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I also noticed several other scents grouped together with the plain rose that have rose notes; maybe one of those would work, too. Sometimes, flowers are amplified to me by the presence of other flowers.
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Lush has a lot of rose-scented stuff. There's their Imogen Rose perfume, and several products with their Rose Jam scent. The rose jam stuff might be closer to what you are looking for?
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Pacifica makes a very lovely and affordable rose scent - Persian Rose, I think it's called. If you live in the US Target carries Pacifica.

Lush's Rose Jam is nice too, but more expensive.

Also, Suave has come out with a rose oil shampoo and conditioner. It smells very nice - a light rose, but still very much present.
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