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BPAL coming-down dates

Because I was looking for this info, so I thought other people here might be too:

Here’s the ongoing down date list for BPAL’s Limited Edition sets:

Weenies - Jan. 23rd, 2019
Masque of the Red Death - Jan. 23rd, 2019
Yule - Feb 22nd, 2019
Anniv - Feb 22nd, 2019

As of right now these are available until further notice but be sure to check back:
Nasty Woman
Nevertheless, She Persisted
Alternative Facts
Fake News
Theio Nomioi
Seven Word Story: Envy, Gluttony, Lust, Sloth, and Wrath
Irish Coffee Buttercream
Spiced Rum Buttercream
The Nobodies
Aros Morbus: Mors Nigra
The Collective Poetic Works of Antonin Scalia
Blue Bonnet
Single Note: Flor De Maga
Take a Knee
Douglas Iris

And the Liliths just dropped!

There are also two new imp packs:

Imp Pack: Seven Word Story Perfume Oil
Imp pack based on the 7 word story contest 5ml versions


Imp Pack: RPG – Classes Perfume Oil

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