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When I was heavily into perfume smelling a year or two back, a friend who's a very dedicated enthusiast gave me many samples and even one or two partial bottles, and then I turned out to be an extremely picky person who only likes one or two perfumes by Mindy Aftel and doesn't actually wear anything else. Now I'm moving and I need to clear stuff out. Would you like a box of random perfumes in return for S/H? My only ask is that you take all of it, I'm not trying to split the lot up. (If you want to split the lot with someone else after I mail it to you, that's awesome, may maximum numbers of people be happy!)

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BPAL Lupers

Mar. 3rd, 2016 11:21 am
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So apparently the Lupercalia order for the decant circle ([community profile] synecdochic_decants) I'm in has finally shipped! I've been stewing over these for a while now, getting antsy! I posted on my journal about what I was looking forward to, thought I'd share here too. FWIW, I'm pretty new to BPAL, and to perfume in general. I ordered:these. )

Anyone have Lupers already, or an order on the way? What are you liking or not liking? What are you looking forward to?
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Initial verdict on BPAL's Dead Leaves, Black Pepper, and Sandalwood:
Smells like all three elements and incredibly amazing in the bottle. Partner and I both get wide-eyed. I pine for a full bottle.

Initial application: Right wrist - soft, warm sandalwood to the forefront. Black pepper underneath. Dead leaves very faint in the background.
Left elbow - PEPPER. Dead leaves. Sandalwood very faint in the background.

30 seconds after application: partner decides my right arm has a new home next to her nose. She barely let go for me to type up this post.

Perfume and body chemistry: SO FASCINATING.
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BPAL Halloween time, that is! What is an instabottle for you? What is a no no no (black) cat? I thought it might be fun to discuss here (I know there's discussions on the forum, Twitter, Facebook et al), so here are the breakdowns behind the cut:

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I recently tried:
Scalia: Looming Spectre of Inutterable Horror 4/5
Scalia: Mummeries and Straining-to-be Memorable Passages 3/5
Pretty Deadly: Ginny, The Reaper of Vengeance 5/5
Bewitching Brews: Bliss 1/5

Full reviews over on my DW.
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In case anyone is still in summer scents mode, I posted reviews of four citrus scents: Atelier Cologne Cedrat Envirant, Acqua Di Parma Colonia Essenza, RazSpa Sea Buckthorn, and Guerlain Acqua Allegoria Mandarin Basilic.

The reviews are on my DW: . If any of you have encountered those scents then I'd love to hear your takes on them too :-)
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This post is a free-for-all for people to:

a) post links to perfume-related content they posted elsewhere (on or off DW)
b) talk about anything they want to talk about that isn't big enough for a full post
c) socialize and hang out without worrying about "off topic".

Have at!
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[personal profile] thatyourefuse: Five Perfumes To Wear While Watching Penny Dreadful

My thought:


Some people seem to be posting in my comments; I hope people will also feel free to start their own posts. Because seriously, this needs to be a meme. Have I mentioned that it needs to be a meme?
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From Wired:

What’s Up With That: Why Are Smells So Difficult to Describe in Words?

A fascinating and readable write-up of the neuroscience and psycholinguistics on this subject.


In fact, he thinks it might be the very directness of the connections between olfaction and language in the brain that contributes to our odor-naming difficulties. The information the olfactory system passes on to our language centers is crude and relatively unprocessed, like a few notes scribbled on the back of a napkin. The information sent on from the auditory and visual system, in contrast, is more like a polished draft, having gone through more steps, and presumably more refinement, in specialized sensory regions of the brain.
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I do a lot of cosplay, and I like matching appropriate scents for the character. A lot of times, I'm good at pulling something out of my stash that fits, and other times the sheer volume of BPAL overwhelms me.

Which would be why I am turning to you, community, in hopes that someone has a better memory than me for notes and names. Brief character descrips, because I know the overlap between 'BPAL fans' and 'Homestuck fans' is kind of small.

Kanaya Maryam - a little motherly, feminine, but still a badass. Uses a chainsaw on the undead and topiary scupltures alike. Hobbies are gardening and fashion. Also an alien vampire, and still fairly young. Heavily related to the astrological sign Virgo

Beforus Kanaya - AU version of the above - adult, less fighting of the undead, a little bit of a Victorian nanny/governess sort of role. My design choices were trying to walk the line between 'extremely proper' and 'hot mom'

The Dolorosa - adult, a rebel, extremely dignified but without the sense of rigid primness. Serious Momma Bear instincts, not afraid to get her hands dirty. Also associated with Virgo.

My ScentBase list is mostly up to date, though there's a few I still need to put in.
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I finally got around to posting my notes from the 2014 Weenies that I tried.
Link to post on my journal

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