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First off, I have to say that I ordered a set of samples through Miriam Mirani's website. They hadn't arrived a week later, so I sent an email to find out what happened -- and she called me that evening. Personally. And sent out a new package the next morning. So she gets very high marks for customer service!

Website says: The listed notes are Florentine iris, Roman chamomile, Algerian geranium, tuberose, coriander, cardamom, vetiver, and frankincense.

In the sample vial, this smells like really good single-malt scotch. Soooooo good. Warm, earthy, yet somehow very redolent of a specific place.

For the first hour, it's LOVELY. Warm, spicy, earthy. It wraps around me like the summer sun. I adore it!

And then it does what a lot of mainstream perfumes do on my skin -- it disappears. I think there's a hint of vetiver left on me. Maybe.

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