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The lovely [personal profile] rising was kind enough to send me an imp of Whip, and my sister stumbled on a sample of Estée Lauder Beyond Paradise. They have been... mostly my first forays into perfume. I will attempt to review them.

Whip claims to be rose and leather. On me, it started out as sort of a grandma rose with a rotten edge. I didn't like it. I was planning to find someone to swap with.

Then I kept sniffing my wrist.

It mellowed out, until it smelled more like a rich, sexy rose. I've worn it about a zillion times since.

It doesn't seem like anyone gets very much "leather" out of it, more just, leather sitting underneath and creating the richness. So uh, if you like rose, go for it, but don't expect this to be perceptibly leathery, and don't trust it to be polite.

Beyond Paradise is something I never would have sought out, and I could pretty much tell from the bottle that I would hate it, but it was there, so I figured I'd give it a try. Fragrantica tells me it's supposed to be a "white floral", whatever that means, but what I get is more like: fake flowers, fake "clean" smell, generally horrible generic "perfume". I washed it off immediately but it's still there augh. And the edges of it smell a little rotten too. Of all the things to have so much throw and staying power... ew. Perfumes of its ilk don't seem to be particularly popular in this neck of the woods, but if mainstream white floral perfumes tend to be your cup of tea, I'd be happy to eject it from my house in your general direction.
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Here's a link to the swaps/giveaways post on my personal journal.  The post should be public - let me know if you run into any difficulties.

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