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the improbable dream

I just read that Tom Ford is coming out with a fragrance called - wait for it - Fucking Fabulous.

Edgy, huh. Anyway, the name, which some folks are absolutely clutching their pearls over, isn't what's making me gasp - it's the price. $310 USD for 1.7 ounces, or 50 ml. I think that's freakin' crazy. And I don't own *any* TF frags because the price is just so prohibitive - though I like Santal Blush and Neroli Portofino, and I'd like to have some Noir de Noir for sure.

Which makes me wonder - is there a holy grail fragrance for you? Would you be willing to shell out big money for it?

For myself, I'd love to have some original Ralph Lauren Tuxedo, and Catherine Deneuve Deneuve, both big 80s scents. Le Labo came out with Belle du Soir which is a pretty good dupe for Deneuve, and I have a solid of that, but I'd still like the original. And I have an Irma Shorell version of Tuxedo which, sadly, smells nothing like the original I remember, which was so glamorous and sharp and sophisticated. I was a kid when I had the tiny bottle of the stuff, and I kept the bottle long after the fragrance was gone, just to smell the faint dregs. Sigh.

I wouldn't pay 300 for an ounce, but I would consider *maybe* 100 for each, if decent unturned bottles were to show up. It's so risky to buy blind, though.... :-/

What's your long lost fragrance dream?
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I need you more than want you, and I want you for all time

Let's talk fantasy perfume, fellow scent aficionados.

Tell us about a perfume you've always wanted but never been able to find. This can run the gamut from, "I wish I could find a perfume that has X, X, and X notes," to "I wish I could find a perfume that smells the way looking at Cate Blanchett makes me feel inside."

I'm really interested in hearing about the perfumes you wish existed that don't.
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Handful of Alkemia reviews

A while ago I posted about Alkemia, an indie perfume oil company. I ordered some samples, here's reviews for a few.

Five reviews below )
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Three Lilac & Moss reviews

Tried a new company recently, reviews through the link.

Lilac & Moss: Kythereia, Mossflower, Sappho.
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Relax by Davidoff + Swaps

Review of Relax by Davidoff

It's a must-smell if you're a vetiver nut like me.
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time for summer!

I swapped out my cold-weather perfumes for my warm-weather fragrances and snapped a picture, because I like how they look on my dresser. I didn't include the glass bowl of tiny bottles and sample sizes and so on - these are just the full size bottles.

pretty )
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Rec me a perfume!

I think I'm going to ask for an order of perfume samples from Surrender to Chance for my birthday in a couple months, and I'm looking for some inspiration.

Rec me your favorite (non-BPAL) perfume. Or maybe tell me about a perfume you think is important that everyone ought to try. Or something that you've always wanted to try but never gotten the chance.

Thanks in advance, everyone!
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I looked back a bit in this group, but didn't see any mention of Alkemia. Has anybody tried anything of theirs? They're an indie perfume oil company with a large catalog (though not as large as BPAL). I'm considering a sample order, would welcome any thoughts! Right now, these have caught my eye:

  • Blackberry Noir: A deliciously dark trinity - black berries, black tea, black musk

  • Desiderata: The simple beauty of an evening stroll on a warm June evening. Fresh honeysuckle blooming under a rising full moon, ivy vines, dew dampened grass, riverbed clay, old barnwood, and earthy vetivert root.

  • Dalliance: Fresh English cucumbers, barely ripened figs, and cool ice tea. Languidly sensuous.
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Perfume Reviews!

Reviews of BPAL, Tocca, Ralph Lauren, Sex in the City, Estee Lauder, Chanel

It's been awhile since anyone posted in this comm, and I miss talking perfume with y'all. If you're not interested in any of the perfumes I've reviewed this time in my journal, talk to me here about perfume. What are you testing, wearing, coveting? :)
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BPAL Luper reviews

Here, have some reviews, of the brief persuasion.

Five 2016 Luper reviews enclosed )