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Handful of Alkemia reviews

A while ago I posted about Alkemia, an indie perfume oil company. I ordered some samples, here's reviews for a few.

Desiderata: Fresh honeysuckle blooming under a rising full moon, ivy vines, dew dampened grass, riverbed clay, old barnwood, and earthy vetivert root.

Very nighttime and damp-smelling indeed. I could pick up the honeysuckle, but it was not as front-and-center as I'd been hoping. Honeysuckle from a distance as you walk beside a creek late one humid evening. Disappeared within a couple of hours.

Lilacs Along The Winding Drive: An olfactory portrait of a May evening....lilac bushes heavy and purple with blooms, a gentle breeze after light spring rain, a dusty pebbled driveway, a slightly rusty porch swing, and a small handful of late blooming violets.

Erm, make that a large handful of violets and disappointingly little lilac. Very purple-floral, but reminded me of a laundry soap or dryer sheet smell.

Blackberry Noir: black berries, black tea, and sweet black musk.

This reminds me of two BPAL scents, Bewitched and Kabuki. Bewitched has quite similar notes, but is mostly berries on me, where in Blackberry Noir I can smell the musk more. Which unfortunately isn't great, because...Kabuki. I had high hopes for Kabuki, but somehow the combination of cherries and red musk smelled just like a public restroom cleaner/air freshener (my daughter, 5 at the time, said it smelled like a weird potty). And the musk+fruit in Blackberry Noir pings the same association. Sigh.

Bohémiens en Voyage: Indian tobacco leaf, dried orris roots, freshly cut hay, sultry golden amber, rock rose, the subtle muskiness of sun warmed skin and buckskin suede, and a sweet kiss of wild sugar cane

This, now. I expected it to be tobacco-heavy, but no. There's something slightly screechy during the dry down, but it fades away. I can smell the suede clearly, and the rest is a soft, hazy, cozy cloud. The description makes it sound all hot-sunny, but actually it feels more like something you'd wear in winter to snuggle up to. I like this a lot, though I'm not sure it's me - it's a smidge more masculine than I usually go for. Keeping it nonetheless.

Miel de Sauvage et Tabac: Sweet, spicy pipe tobacco flecked with wild honey, freshly crushed honeycomb, the pollen of forest blossoms, and smoked black amber.

Maple syrup? No. Fenugreek. Like I took to increase milk supply when I was nursing. Like the stuff they make artificial maple flavor out of. This smells like herbal bitter pancake syrup. Am confused.
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Oh man. I hear you on the Fenugreek (also took when I was nursing). Not something I want to smell like.
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Bohémiens en Voyage sounds lovely.
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I love your reviews! Seconding elfin that Bohémiens en Voyage sounds enticing.
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LOL at "weird potty." Very descriptive!