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time for summer!

I swapped out my cold-weather perfumes for my warm-weather fragrances and snapped a picture, because I like how they look on my dresser. I didn't include the glass bowl of tiny bottles and sample sizes and so on - these are just the full size bottles.

collection of perfume bottles on dresser

Ordinarily I don't really have a preference for one type of bottle look over another, though I do love a pretty perfume bottle. I'm just glad that designers generally try to make them look nice. I do love Caswell Massey's Elixir of Love, a deep cobalt bottle with a gold cap. It sort of has a 50s vibe to me.

Do you have any favorite bottle designs?

I also scored a .25 ounce bottle of Nest Dahlias and Vines at Goodwill yesterday for $1.99, so that was cool. :) It's pretty, a clean gentle floral, nothing extraordinary, but for under two bucks I'm not complaining.
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So pretty! I really like the one in the back left of your photo, with the leafy half-circular cap.

I'm into perfume oils rather than perfumes, so my bottles are small and mundane-looking (but also don't take up a lot of space, which suits me well).
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I wish I had that many full bottles of perfume.

I think Guerlain has the most beautiful bottles, but I don't like their perfume. LOL

I like Tom Ford's bottles and Chanel bottles.

Awesome perfume score!
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Ooooh, I hadn't seen that Tom Ford bottle.

My Tom Ford bottle looks like this.
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Interesting question. I'm not much interested in bottles per se, but now you mention it, I have much nostalgic fondness for the old Shiseido Feminite Du Bois bottles (before it came back as a Lutens scent in the default Lutens bottles):


It's so slinky and sinuous and organic, and perfectly suited to the scent.
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Oh, I remember those! Yes, they were absolutely gorgeous.
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Certainly very pretty! I love perfume in unusual bottles.
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Tour antique shops and Goodwill/Salvation Army, but most especially, tour estate sales.
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I'm Ms. Fixit. You hand me a problem and I'll try to fix it. It's a bad habit and I really need to restrain myself.