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BPAL Luper reviews

Here, have some reviews, of the brief persuasion.

The Bride
Vanilla chiffon, honey musk, and pale magnolia
Floral baked goods? Something like that. Like a lemon meringue pie but instead of the lemon there's a flower that smells almost but not quite like lemon. I don't like smelling like baked goods. After a while this faded to a generic vanilla and honey, like what I get from Blood Kiss but less complex. Verdict: meh

Blossoming Vulva
Golden amber and bourbon vanilla with sweet oak, blue lotus, and tea blossom
Again a sort of fruity/flowery/baked goodsy scent, not dissimilar to The Bride. I honestly can't pick up any individual notes here, but then I don't really know what amber and lotus smell like. No tea or woody smell that I can detect. Almost peachy, with a buttery background (or maybe that's the oak?) and a hint of soap. Verdict: meh.

The Instruction(al) Manual
Cherry blossoms falling into folds of red musk, bourbon vanilla, and strawberry cream
Another baked goodsy one. There's something creamy/buttery in all three of these, and yeah, now I know this is a thing for me to avoid. Vaguely cherry berry, but not in a fresh juicy fruit way. The buttery thing fades and the red musk grows, and eventually it just smells like red musk. Verdict: meh.

Bunraku Theater
Beeswax and hay absolute with sweet hops, pumpkin rind, and tobacco
This smells *extremely* buttery in the bottle and somewhat sweet, but not at all floral. On, it's more nutty (like hazelnut) than buttery, and I start to smell the beeswax (definitely wax, not honey), and then the tobacco comes out. Something, I think hops, is in the background. No hay I can detect, sadly, but still an *interesting* smell, and one I rather like. Oh, and it's not spiced, I was afraid the pumpkin would equal pumpkin spice, but no, I don't get any spices at all. Verdict: keep the imp.

Love's Philosophy
Vanilla, saffron, and cream
Root beer float. Which is fine, but something I'm not interested in smelling like. Verdict: meh.

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